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About GSL
History :
In the initial stages, the company was started in 1987 by Vikrambhai Shah with the setting up of a trading house with offices in Bombay and Ahmedabad. After gaining all the technical know-how for import and export and after through study on the subject, an office for importing SULPHUR was opened up at Kandla, after getting a valid license in company's name.
Due to the excellent team work done under his guidance, the company grew in multiple folds and within a short ran of 5 years came to be known as one of the front runner and pioneers in the field of importing SULPHUR.
Expansion :

Gujarat SULPHUR Limited was registered under the company's act 1956, in 1992. The sales and administration office of the company is located near the Reserve bank of India, in the heart of the city, being considered to be the most commercialised and ideal place for an office location.
The company , at present is actively into the business of importing of SULPHUR, Fertiliser chemicals which includes DAP, UREA, GYPSUM POWDER all in bulk and all type of industrial scrap of metals like BRASS, COPPER etc.. As of now, the SULPHUR is among the foremost & most important product in which the major bulk of business is transacted. Ranking among the first top five companies ( trading in SULPHUR). Gujarat SULPHUR Ltd., has been able to establish itself as a star trading house.
The company and its products are ranked among the best in the industry with a high edge over the other competing brands in the market. Most of the production is consumed by the domestic market.

Under the second phase of expansion a land was acquired at Rancharda near Ahmedabad in 1992. It was then that the dream of Vikrambhai was realised with the setting up of a state-of-the-art plant for the manufacturing of SULPHUR powder (the first of its kind in this part of the country). The plant is built on a vast area of 10,000 square yards of land with all the in-house facilities like well-equipped laboratory, worker's quarters, office, canteen facilities and other amenities for the welfare of staff and workers, the strength behind the success story of the company.
At present, this unit feeds the entire market of pesticides formulators ( nearly 85% of them depend upon it for their raw material) , Rubber Industry & other dyes as well as dyes & chemical Industry.

New Plants :

After consolidating its position to number one in the SULPHUR powder segment, the company has now installed one of the latest technically tested plant for the manufacturing of SULPHUR rolls for sugar industries. The project has commenced production of SULPHUR rolls which have captured a considerable proportion of the market , because of their unique features and qualities. We are now planning to set up a series of such plants to enhance production capacity to meet the requirements as well as growing demand of the Industry.